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Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 7

The transition to a life of darkness and plasma is never an easy one, but thankfully Lexi had plenty of emotional support in Elliot. Not to mention those perfect trees she had worked to cultivate were really coming in handy right now.

Of course, life was not without its problems. Elliot’s clan was still painfully small. Vladislaus had more than hinted there would be additional requirements for his clan beyond “get five willing members.” And the old vampire had yet to divulge any further details.

Then there were the more minor, everyday sorts of issues. Kyle was good at coming over and observing those.

Elliot failed to see how that fact was relevant at first. In his mind, vampires were more well-known for being oblivious to new technology, not well-versed in it. Then again, his cooking skills had improved much faster than before his turning, most especially when practicing at night. And with dusk just now falling and at Lexi already at the computer, she had a most excellent head start.

She worked vigorously over the next several days. Elliot worked vigorously at his mixology job, a bit uncomfortable with the spike in bills since they’d installed their basement pool. Kyle worked vigorously at avoiding work.

As the morning of GeekCon dawned, Elliot carefully prepared three Sunlight Reversal Cocktails for his friends. Useful for any and all ventures into daylight-ridden conventions.

Elliot quickly located Kyle by the 3D BricBlock display. If Lexi’s cocktail was wearing off, then theirs would soon. Upon hearing of Lexi’s condition, Kyle dropped what he was doing and even volunteered his umbrella to shield her from the sun’s rays on the journey home. Elliot could not tell whether this was out of generosity or simply because Kyle wanted to be the one seen walking home with the sparkling new oversized television. Either way, Lexi dubbed him “Umbrella Guy” and he happily accepted the nickname.

Meanwhile, in Forgotten Hollow, some other GeekCon attendees had also made their way home. Though perhaps not to a very welcome presence …

3 thoughts on “Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 7

  1. Hey, there! Sorry for my extended absence. I’m here to catch up. Lexi’s adorable. I love how she was geeking out about GeekCon. Elliot is still so oblivious, and Kyle — well, he’s pretty useless most of the time. At least he held the umbrella so Lexi wouldn’t fry in the sun. It was for selfish reasons, but I’ll give him that one.

    It’s so weird to see Caleb cowering before Miss Thing. I can’t remember her name since we haven’t seen her in so long, but I bet we’ll be seeing a lot more of her as the competition revs up.

  2. Hi, there! Glad to have you back. I’ve been really behind on reading others’ blogs as well. Just the time of year, I think.

    Officially, her name is Miss Hell. But I’m having most of the characters either call her by her first name (Gertrude) or Miss H just to annoy her and undermine that scary vibe she’s always going for. Caleb does have his reasons for wanting to stay on her good side, though. 🙂

  3. Woo, the Vatores!! I’m so excited for them to appear! And the other… man, my Miss Hell is super edited so do forgive me if I’m wrong but is that Miss Hell? I’m so excited for this! Your humor was absolutely excellent, as always… I’m loving Elliot’s dynamic with his clan of adorable losers. <3

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