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Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 10

While Elliot pondered both his new fortune and the possibility that he was inadvertently responsible for the deaths of the immediate Landgraab family, elsewhere in the world… specifically, in Windenburg… Caleb Vatore, his master, and his girlfriend where gathering outside a bar.

For as much as a group of three can be called a gathering, at any rate.

She did not reply to Caleb’s comment, either because he had not heard him or because she had heard him and decided not to acknowledge such a clear undermining of her authority. Instead, she entered the bar, breathing deeply of the smells of polished wood and alcohol.

Miss H’s positive attitude remained in tact for the rest of the evening. She turned Allie, as promised, and retreated to her coffin so pleased with herself, she completely forgot to watch the late night news. If she had, she would have seen the still-airing stories of the Landgraabs’ demise. At which point, much more than a simple game of Don’t Wake the Llama would have been on fire. Without Geoffrey Landgraab on her side as planned, Bella Goth remained the only key person of influence in her control. Who knew how many her rival had? Drastic measures would have to be taken.

But of course, she did not watch the news that evening, and ergo, all these ruminations had to occur later.


4 thoughts on “Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 10

  1. Miss H is actually quite pretty — such a difference from her dark form. Allie was certainly a pushover, not that she really had a choice in the end. Miss H has Bella, Elliot will have Lily, the Landgraabs are not an option. Who does that leave? If my memory serves, Max Villareal is the only person of influence left on the list. Things are bound to heat up as soon as Miss H figures that out. Go, #TeamElliot!

  2. Yeah, it was pretty cool to see the contrast when she showed up in the trailers. I’m glad the Sims team made her available.

    Max Villareal and Judith Ward from Del Sol Valley are both left. So the winner either needs both of them or needs a new person of influence to appear.

    Thanks so much for reading!

    • Ah, yes, Judith! I’d forgotten about her. It’s probably because I find her incredibly annoying. I really hate the way the top celebrities have that slow gait to their walk. I want to get behind them and give them a push. (And I don’t have a violent bone in my body.) It’s the “I’m too good for you mere mortals” that turns me off.

  3. Thank you for making me laugh as always. Miss Hell is so funny… I love how you’re totally embracing his whole cartoon evil Maxis doomed her with and turned it into something that just Works.™ And Caleb… man, it’s so refreshing to see him as a non-tall, dark and brooding type for once.

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