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Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 28

It is, of course, traditional, when ending a previous chapter on a major cliffhanger, to begin the next chapter on a scene of no immediate relevance to said cliffhanger. Case in point, we now return back to the vampire mansion where Johnny Zest was pacing anxiously…

Johnny was surprised to hear Elliot’s name, but upon pressing Lexi for further information, he learned of how the crafty vampire had cured and re-turned one of his own in order to force a tie for some ridiculous competition. Well, now Johnny would use the disgusting leech’s knowledge against him. They would probably need to gather ingredients, of course. But, really, how hard could that be?

And now we shall take the story back to Sixam, where Allie and Caleb just stepped out of the portal. The planet was odd, Caleb had to admit. Although being so far from the solar system, it was warmer than many other locations he had visited in his long lifetime. He imagined even a mortal could walk around here comfortably.

But they weren’t here to find strolling mortals. They were here to find strolling aliens and ask for their help. Luckily for them, an alien happened to be going for a stroll in this exact location at this exact moment.


2 thoughts on “Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 28

  1. Oh, she’s right about the Goth part…. that’s such a good cliffhanger to end things on! I’m liking this alliance between Caleb and Allie in this chapter… and I love the fact that Sixam received some attention! The part about the achievement, LOL. 😂 My Sims never manage it because 1) they’re not nearly celibate enough and 2) their emotions are way too extreme so they’ll be in a “very …” mood that betrays their aura for sure before marrying. Loved this chapter!

    • I didn’t know the extreme emotions were what gave them away. I kept thinking it was random and wondering what triggered it. Thanks for the comment and the for the helpful hint!

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