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Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 29

Caleb would never assume to know everything Allie was thinking, but in this case, he followed her logic well enough. Alex Goth was an incredibly clever young man with all the reputation and influence of his infamous family behind him. If anyone could help them recruit a group of fighters to face the Mother Plant, surely it was Alex. And the fact that he couldn’t be possessed due to his childhood made their mission all the more not-impossible.

Only when they visited the Goth household did Caleb and Allie discover a minor flaw in that final element of their plan.

A smile spread across Alex’s face. Although he did not say it aloud, he had the perfect idea of who they should ask. They would wait and ask the individuals he had in mind after sunset, though. Caleb couldn’t tell if this was out of respect for his and Allie’s sunlight sensitivity or for another reason entirely. Alex wasn’t explaining himself either way. Which also, as it happened, was very in character for him.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Bella Goth had led the now-possessed Kyle, Coral, and Sea-Glass back to Johnny Zest and the others. Although the immediate effects of consuming the bizarre fruit had worn off for them, the Mother plant remained at the forefront of their minds, and their desires and goals centered solely on serving her and her purposes.

For Kyle, who had made it a point in life not to have too many goals or purposes, it was an odd sensation. Thankfully, due to the Mother plant infecting his brain, he did not have to think terribly much about it. Mother did the thinking for him now. Mother did everything.

Mother was A-Oh-Kay.

Meanwhile, at the Hallow Slough bar, Alex, Allie, and Caleb were just arriving to find the crowd of ghosts engaged in their usual revelry. The ghosts rarely interacted with mortals, Alex reasoned, and therefore were unlikely to have been hit by the infection yet. And the Landgraabs were the most influential ghosts he knew. Surely with their vast knowledge Oasis Springs and its surrounding lands, not to mention their ability to phase through solid walls, they could help fight this infection more than anyone.

To everyone’s disappointment, however, they had not developed any additional love for the physical world since Alex’s previous visit. When he explained the dire problem at hand, Nancy Landgraab hardly seemed to hear him.


2 thoughts on “Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 29

  1. Uh, oh… on the one hand I see a lot more bad stuff happening in the future, but on the other I do feel confident that they’re finally beginning to get a grasp on the whole infection thing… though they had better be fast!

    • I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just keep it at, “I do give my characters a break sometimes. But only sometimes.” ^_^

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