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Clanbuilding for Dummes, Chapter 30

The final battle was upon our heroes. Soon dawn would break. The stakes could not be higher. Allie, Caleb, Alex, and the Landgraabs rushed to the secret (though not so secret, since they knew about it) lab with all the speed they could muster. (Caleb was much faster.) But would they be able to stop the Mother plant before three of the vampires cured themselves while not in their right minds?

No. No, they would not. But perhaps there was still hope. Somewhere, somehow, deep in the lab’s evil depths, the time had come to stop the mother plant once and for all. There was nothing more to say. No more tension to build, for the tension had already reached its peak. All that remained was for the narrator to stop dragging this out and let the final chapter unfold…

And so it came to pass that the Mother Plant lay in ruins, her evil control at last extinguished. Our heroes were victorious! The battle was won! But just to be sure, we should probably check in with Elliot and crew… 

What? This is not the final chapter? What is the denouement you speak of?

Very well. We shall return one more time. Until then, dear readers…don’t eat any strange glowing fruit, if you please.


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