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Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 3

Within two days, the three men had developed a good friendship, and Elliot would be lying if he said he didn’t feel a bit envious of the power Kyle would soon have.

It seems our chapter is coming to a premature close, so we will allow Elliot to use the inner thought bubbles once again to close us out…

Young women passing out on Elliot’s front lawn was not a regular occurrence, and so his concern for her well-being was justified. But as to who this lady was and exactly how Elliot dealt with the situation? Well, that’s a story for another time.

Author’s note: Apologies for the erroneous “End of chapter 1” text at the bottom of the final page. Also, a note that I will be making future comic pages a little smaller for ease of reading. Thanks for following!


4 thoughts on “Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 3

  1. Elliott’s been living an amazing life so far! I don’t know why he’d want to trade it all in to become a vampire. 😉 At least he knows he can trust Kyle since he’s never steered him wrong before. Yeah, right!

    • Exactly!

      I didn’t intend it, but I’m starting to feel like Kyle is the smart one who just gets Elliot to try the crazy stuff so he can see if it’s a good idea or not. ^_^;;

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I LOVE your use of the comic form so so much. I see some people using forms like these but seemingly mostly because they think it’s more “easy” (when it really isn’t). But you truly utilize this form to the best it can be, and it’s so refreshing to see. The way you manage to invoke humor through this form (the speech bubbles coming from somewhere outside of the main shot making funny comments during the conversation we ought to focus on), it’s so awesome. I really love it!

    • Thank you so much! I can see people feeling like it cuts time…it kinda does on the writing part, because I can just make notes to myself about the setting and whatnot. It takes longer overall than a regular SimFic, though. I have a bunch of templates saved on my computer now to help me keep up the pace. 🙂

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