With Others, With Me

This is for the SimFic July Contest, in the Veteran Category. I wish I had more time to take the screencaps, but I like what I wrote. Hope you like it, too! I love hanging with friends until some weird hour of the morning. I love a mug of hot tea alone while raindrops race … Continue reading

Foul Play by Farceurs
Fanfiction / Sims

Foul Play by Farceurs

*ring ring* “Hello, and thank you for phoning Foul Play by Farceurs. My name is Francine. How may I assist you?” “Oh, um…yes. Hello. I’m calling to reserve a, uh…demise slot for a sworn enemy. Do you have any available?” “Oo! Indeed we do! Let me bring up my calendar. You know, this is usually … Continue reading