With Others, With Me

This is for the SimFic July Contest, in the Veteran Category. I wish I had more time to take the screencaps, but I like what I wrote. Hope you like it, too!

I love hanging with friends until some weird hour of the morning.

I love a mug of hot tea alone while raindrops race down my window and I predict who will win.

I love that my family can talk to me, even if they’ve told that story about their puppy four times already.

I love that I can talk to my snapdragon plant and no one will give me weird looks.

I love the fragrant spicy scent of the tofu-turkey Mom basted for five hours.

I love the cheap, fruity scent of the cereal I poured in five seconds.

I love the busyness of the land

I love the stillness of the water

I love my time with others.

And I love my time with me.

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