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Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 11

Welcome back, dear readers.

While you might be wondering if we shall explore the goings-on on Miss H or Elliot today, we are actually opening on an entirely different household. This one a small single parent family–a struggling comedian and his not-quite-thirteen-year-old daughter. (The fact that she still looked like she was nine was a point that continued to bother her.)

Meanwhile, back in Newcrest, Elliot was experiencing some dreadful news of his own. Not on par with discovering that the family who had previously disowned him had now died from eating poorly made pufferfish. That would be a horrifically insensitive comparison. But he had still received news that was less than pleasant to hear–in the form of a bill sent to his phone.

Elliot let out a long sigh as he pondered his situation. He supposed he could ask Lily Feng for a loan. She had certainly seemed grateful enough when he turned her. But she had also seemed to have forgotten his existence in the meantime. Mostly their communications had been limited to her complaints that no one told her the vampire life would interfere with her sunbathing routine or her chef’s garlic chicken recipe.

He decided not to push his luck.

Perhaps there was another way to earn income. Elliot could sell the TVs, yes, but then the TVs would be gone. If he could open a store of some kind where he could produce and sell goods on a regular basis… perhaps a bakery?

It was certainly worth consideration. In the meantime, he had to make sure Kyle didn’t spend any more time confusing the neighbors. Already a girl had stopped on her way to school to watch him curiously.

It was a habit of Kyle’s that when he went fishing, he did so for oddly extended periods of time. Before Elliot knew it, Friday had arrived. Having had no success in the recruiting department, he decided to go to the comedy show. If for no other reason, it was the perfect opportunity to scope out a potential spot for the store that still only existed in his imagination.

Ten minutes later…

Lexi didn’t like to jump to conclusions, but she had the uneasy feeling Elliot had made a huge mistake in purchasing this place.


5 thoughts on “Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 11

  1. Oh dear. Noo, Elliot!!! Also, the writing in this was excellent. So funny. XD I’m curious about how the new family plays a part in all of this.

  2. Whoa … Johnny Zest is a disowned son of the Landgraabs? Nice! New person(s) of influence to add to the list? LMAO at Kyle protesting Free TV’s! I love each of your characters and how well you’ve fleshed them out. I bet Lexi’s right about Elliot’s purchase of the store. He makes the worst decisions. Of course, that’s what we love about him.

  3. I LOVED THIS. Everytime I think a chapter couldn’t possibly get any funnier, you make it even better LOL. And Johnny Zest! I cannot believe you made me actually love the guy!! So… given Johnny’s ancestry… could he perhaps be the (rejected but still valid) Landgraab they’ll turn… I’m so excited!

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