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Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 12

Today we shall return to Miss H and her ever-growing clan. Allie had completed her transformation and was eager to show off her dark vampire self. Caleb really just wanted to hit the bar for a nice, refreshing Plasma Jane. He thought Allie looked lovely, of course. It was Miss H he didn’t care to be around.

At this news, Miss H fell into a deep mental debate. On one hand, Alex would be thirteen soon. She could turn him in addition to Bella Goth. Just to have her bases covered. On the other hand, she detested children, and teenagers were only mildly better. Hence why she hadn’t gone after Max Villareal yet. On the other other hand, putting too many options in front of her rival could prove dangerous. Her head was beginning to hurt. Not to mention everyone was staring at her, wondering why she’d shown no visible reaction yet.

Miss H’s repeated screams of “YOU HEAR ME? GENEROUS!!” echoed loudly into the night as the two younger vampires made their exit.

Caleb grasped Allie’s hand and hurried her off to the nearest public space, which happened to be a small, mostly abandoned park on the edge of Forgotten Hollow. It was the sort of empty space in which one might expect a small home to be built, and yet apparently no one had ever had the energy or sufficient motivation to do. Caleb and Allie stood silent together, and Caleb let out a long sigh.

This was exactly why he had advised Allie against being turned by Miss H. She actually had the option, whereas he hadn’t. There were certain perks to being on the winning side of a vampire war–no doubts there. But sometimes the downsides really wore on him more than he cared to let on.

Meanwhile, back at Paddywhack’s Emporium, Elliot was busy experimenting with some new recipes. He had kept the name of the place unchanged, both for the sake of familiarity with old customers (what few the place had, anyway) and due to the fact that Elliot’s Emporium was simply too much alliterations for his tastes.

Never mind that new store signs were expensive.

The furious ghost dove into the “glowy cake,” as Kyle had dubbed it, with surprising gusto. When the pastry was fully consumed, he turned to continue his rant, only to find that his ghostly self had started to float upwards and a strange, earthly feeling had come over him.

Elliot waved absently as the now-solid man walked out the store’s front door, down the street, and around the corner out of sight. For a long time, nobody said anything. Kyle stood by looking extremely proud of himself and apparently felt no need to add anything to the conversation. It was Lexi who at last broke the silence.

“So… just to be clea… we have the means to make a magic food that turns ghosts into people?”

Elliot nodded slowly. That did indeed seem to be the case. His nod caused a wide smile to break across Lexi’s previously-very-anxious face.

“I think,” she said, “this just changed a whole lot for us.”

And so it had.


3 thoughts on “Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 12

  1. Caleb and Allie are cute together. She looks good as a green vampire.

    It pains me to say this but … Kyle to the rescue? Unfathomable. I wonder if the Landgraabs are ghosts that can now be turned with magic glowy cake powers? Looks like the store may be a successful venture after all!

    • He-he, Kyle is becoming much more of a driving force in the plot than I originally had planned. He’s a lot of fun.

      Allie is actually named after an original character in an unrelated story. I first imagined her as a gorgon (medusa) instead of a vampire, so I liked the idea of her Sim’s dark form giving a nod to that. 🙂

  2. So does this mean that the Landgraabs might get another shot after all? 😏 Not gonna lie, I’m kind of hoping so hehe… you probably know by now that I really do like the Landgraabs… even if I’m one of the few. 😅 I really enjoy Caleb and Miss Hell’s relationship. It’s so interesting, and the way you showcase it, even if it’s all mostly humorous, you can really see these underlying power relations and I love how you explored them in this chapter. That sentence “I’d rather be her puppet than her snack,” was so powerful. I really loved that line!

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