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Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 15

Previously: Newly-turned vampire Elliot Marshall has been challenged by Vladislaus Straud to build a clan consisting of the most powerful families around. Vladislaus has named Geoffrey Landgraab, Bella Goth, Lily Feng, Max Villareal, and Judith Ward as required members, of which Elliot must turn three before his rival, Miss H does. But with the Landgraabs deceased from a terrible pufferfish accident and Bella Goth vanished somewhere, the options are limited.

It was past dusk at Elliot’s home in Newcrest. After much distressing debate which cost him the entire length of the previous chapter, the reluctant vampire master had concluded that he could not (either morally or practically) change Max Villareal into a vampire as the youth had hoped.

Said youth, having agreed to meet Elliot at his abode before visiting the ghosts at the Goths’ home, was not taking this news well.

Elliot got this foreboding feeling, of course, because it was accurate. But he had rarely listened to that pressing voice of reason in his mind before, and had no intention of starting now. Meanwhile, at his bakery/gift shop, Lexi was finishing up with her last few customers of the evening. Outside in the ever-colder night air, a sad and confused Jade Zest approached the building. Its warm light left inviting, a sensation she hadn’t experienced all week. Her father had been acting very strangely. In fact, she had only seen him in passing for two days. She was quite independent, being so close to her birthday and all, but still…life was starting to feel lonely.

And while the perfect birthday cake was no substitute for human companionship, it was nevertheless a welcome comfort.

Jade cradled the box like a precious treasure and hurried back home. Meanwhile, Elliot, Kyle, Alex, and Max had arrived at the Goths’ home. True to his word, Alex showed various ghosts floating in and out of sight, most of them headed towards a creepy bar across the street that looked more a small aging castle. A faded sign on the outside advertised: Ghost Night! 50% off drinks! Ghosts only!

Elliot nodded at the bar’s aesthetic. He actually rather liked it.

Back in Oasis Springs, Jade opened her gift from Lexi and placed it on the counter. The house was empty—she had hoped it wouldn’t be, but neither was she surprised. Her eyes fell to the wall clock as the minutes ticked down to midnight.

Jade let out a scream. Then she grabbed the cake, box included, and sprinted into the night. Whatever was wrong with her father, she wouldn’t be a helpless little girl anymore. She would age into a teenager tonight and then, she would find out who had done this to her family and stop them once and for all.


2 thoughts on “Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 15

  1. OMG NO JADE!! Don’t listen to your dad… I guess as child she’s still protected, but as teen…. uh oh! Poor Johnny, too. I never liked the guy much, but I’ve really loved your version of him and the way he cared for Jade. I hope he manages to find a way out of this before it’s too late… or that the gang will help him.
    Max about to be a teen…. and a vampire…. uh oh, that’ll be one helluva reign of terror they’re about to let loose. I can see this going awry! 😱

    • Yeah…Elliot probably should have thought that one through a little more.

      Technically Jade is still safe as a kid, but she won’t be for long. Bwa-ha-ha!

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