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Chanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 23

Previously: Newly-turned vampire Elliot Marshall has been challenged by Vladislaus Straud to build a clan consisting of the most powerful families around before his rival, Miss H can do the same. But just when their battle seems to come to a complete draw, Vladislaus appears and reveals that Miss H is none other than Elliot’s old girlfriend, whom he had presumed dead after a tragic encounter with a cowplant.

The two clans stood in utter bewilderment and confusion. Miss H and Elliot, the two rival vampire clan masters, were once each other’s significant other? It boggled the mind. A few minds, in fact. And yet the two were so hopelessly lost staring longingly into each other’s eyes that they barely took note of the discomfort of everyone around them.

No one seemed to be listening to Lexi’s objections. In fact, everyone was now mingling as if the members of both warring clans had been close friends this entire time. Lexi supposed that wasn’t a bad thing, but it did seem to make things considerably more complicated, especially since Vlad hadn’t officially chosen a winning clan yet.

Lexi and Kyle agreed to Vlad’s demand, of course. What else could they do? Part of the whole deal of joining a clan was defaulting to the leader’s decisions, after all. But in this case, Lexi couldn’t help but feel Elliot had made the completely wrong choice. There were so many more productive ways for Elliot to expand his power than tie himself down with his rival. And if he couldn’t see as much on his own, she would just have to explain it to him.

After, of course, they procured the refreshments.


2 thoughts on “Chanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 23

  1. LOL loving Kyle’s dark form. He’s such a fashion icon. I honestly unironically love that crop top so much. Miss Hell and Elliot… man, what a turn things have taken, huh! I gotta say… I share Lexi’s concerns. I don’t trust this whole situation too much. Loved the “my name first!” part. 😂😂

    • Yeah, some people look at random townie fashion and think, “Ugh! Make it stop!” Kyle looks at random townie fashion and goes, “I could work with that.” ^_^

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