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Dawn, The Good One

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My name is Dawn Roseworth, and I’m a good vampire. Ask anyone.

My hobby is collecting college diplomas. I hope to earn every degree from Britechester eventually. For now, I’m studying history. Drama’s up next. I’ve already got the charisma skills to sell desert mansions to mermaids. Might as well become famous, too. Perhaps someday I’ll move to Del-Sol Valley. I so adore sunshine.

My goals, you ask? That’s complicated. See, I’m also a tough vampire. I do the hard things nobody else can handle.

You know the monster Straud of Forgotten Hollow? Well, he plans to amass a vampire clan so strong, humans will become nothing more than game. I cannot let that happen. I’m the only vampire who sees the mortal world for what it is–rich, beautiful…worth protecting.

So I’m building another clan. One strong enough to keep Straud in check. Maybe even defeat him altogether. For humanity’s sake, someone must take him down. Someone like me.

Was it wrong to pressure my housemate Ellie Vatore into joining me? No. It was necessary. She should have been born a vampire, anyway. Stupid Caleb and his stupid mortal partners. Ellie was easy to convince after she’d downed a few wrenches, and with her lineage, she’ll be a powerful ally once she stops sulking about the dorm. All part of her adjustment period. Really.

Perhaps a better demonstration of my skills is convincing her fiance Loren, a spellcaster and close friend, to join me as well. I begin with a conversation in the Magic Realm, hoping to harness Loren’s potential as both a new clanmember and a cure for Ellie’s depression.

“I want to discuss Ellie. I’m concerned.”

Loren wrings his hands. “You and me both.”

“Well, I know how to help her, but you might not like it.”

“At this point, I’ll try anything.”

Ah, my favorite Simlish phrase. But I remain impassive. “Become a vampire yourself. Join my clan alongside her.”

Loren’s eyes widen. “Are you kidding? I’m a vegetarian, for plum’s sake! The whole concept of drinking plasma freaks me out. No offense.”

I sigh disapprovingly. “See, this is the attitude bringing her down. She’s worried you hate her.” I bend low and whisper, “She might even break off the wedding.”

“I love her!” Loren protested. “Whether she’s a vampire or not! She knows that!”

“Does she? You say one thing but display the opposite. She chose this life, and you visibly recoil at it.”

“I don’t–” Loren begins, then shuts his mouth.

I lean forward. “Prove you accept her. Join her.” It’s tempting to add join me, but I refrain. I always keep my arguments simple.

“I can’t,” Loren says. “I’m already a spellcaster.”

“We’re in the Magic Realm. L.Faba herself is right here! Ask her to remove your powers.”

“And tell Ellie what, exactly? I just magically changed my mind about vampires?”

“Of course not. You tell her you always wanted to be a vampire, but your parents forbade it. Family pressure to continue your magical genes and all. Seeing her bravery motivated you to ask me, and I obliged.”

Loren frowns. “Not one word of that is true.”

“Not now. But you’ll be married next week. You’ll spend countless years being together, loving each other, and caring for each other. Surely when that happens, you won’t regret your decision?”

“I-I…suppose not…”

“So why show doubt to Ellie when you know the end result is good? It’s hardly a lie. Your parents will disapprove if I turn you, I assume?”

Loren nods. “Vehemently.”

“And you do think Ellie is brave, don’t you?”

“Well, yes, but–”

“And haven’t you always wanted to marry someone as wonderful as Ellie?”

A hint of a smile. “Of course.”

“If becoming a vampire is the key, then in a sense, you’ve always wanted that, too. You simply didn’t realize until now the two were intertwined.”

“That’s a pretty big stretch, but…”

“I’m so glad we talked. You and Ellie will be beautiful together. L.Faba, could you come here?”

Loren opens his mouth in protest, but like before, nothing comes out. He nods when L.Faba asks if he’s sure and drinks willingly when I offer my wrist.

Ellie’s relief when she finally sees him–his new form proof of their love–is immeasurable. It convinces me I’ve done the right thing. Tough but ultimately right. Humanity is one step closer to security.

A week later at the Romance Festival, I watch a lovely wedding ceremony built on a lie. If I shed a tear, it’s only because that’s what you do at weddings.

So, as I said, I’m a good vampire. Determined. Focused. Brilliant with words. When humans are safe again, you’ll thank me. Ask anyone.

I’m not bad…I’m not…

I’m good.

18 thoughts on “Dawn, The Good One

  1. Dawn is so manipulative and clever. I like that she believes in what she’s doing is for the greater good. The ends justify the means. What a fun character! (But poor Ellie and Loren. I really feel bad for them.)

    • Yeah…I’m thinking they may yet find a cure, but we’ll see how things play out. I almost lost them at their graduation ceremony. It just *had* to be held on a sunny day, apparently.

  2. Great start to the tale that will build from here. She seems quite torn and tormented with her good vs potentially “bad” side. I look forward to see where this goes from here.

  3. Dawn…is she really the good one? I think she just wants to be the Master Vampire and will do anything to get that…maybe even lie to herself about what she’s doing is the right thing to do.

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