Notice: Three-Week Hiatus

Hi, readers!

Just wanted to let everyone know that there are going to be a few changes with the regular line-up on this site. First and foremost, there will be no new chapters posted this week or the next two weeks. I’m bummed out about it for sure, but due to the coronavirus, I’m taking up the role of teacher-mom in the house the next several weeks, and that needs to receive my full attention.

Also, I’ve been looking over the ending of Power Struggle, and it’s just not where Rowan and I would like it to be. We will absolutely bring it to a conclusion, but with everything else going on, I’m hesitant to set a hard deadline.

So with that in mind, here is the tentative release schedule up through May…

March 25th: Clanbuilding for Dummies Outtakes (not a chapter, but a fun set of unexpected screenshots)
March 31st: Dawn and the Confession (The 3rd Part of Dawn’s mini-trilogy)
April 3rd: Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 30
April 10th: Let’s Say You Were (an Avatar one-shot with an older Zuko and Katara)
April 17th: Clanbuilding for Dummies, Chapter 31 (the final chapter!)
April 24th: First chapter of a new work in the Harry Potter fandom
May 1st: First chapter of a new work in the Kipo & the Age of the Wonderbeasts fandom (If this show is completely unfamiliar to you, go on Netflix and watch it right now, because it is awesome!)

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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